Das Team

Picture of Harald Ponce de Leon

Harald Ponce de Leon (Germany)
Happy Giraffe

Harald founded osCommerce and formed a dedicated team that manage the ever growing community and success it continues to gain. Harald loves to code and integrate external services into osCommerce. You can find him in the Live Chat room at times so please do say hi when you see him online!

Jan Zonjee (Holland)
Governor of Peace

Everybody loves Jan in the community. If there is a problem, he will deal with it. The famous Mr Wolf character is actually based on Jan in real life.

Gary Burton (United Kingdom)
Code Monkey

Gary has been using osCommerce for over a decade, in that time helping hundreds of online shop owners to realise their potential. When not at the keyboard, Gary can be found falling off his surfboard and bonding with starfish and sea life.

Picture of Gergely Tóth

Gergely Tóth (Hungary)
Action Hero

Gergely works in Budapest in his own tyre service and builds electric sport vehicles. He codes in his spare time and pushes osCommerce in the Hungarian community.

Picture of Henry

Henry (Holland)
git push master

Henry loves to code and break git repositories.

Deutsche Team

Ehemalige Team Mitglieder

  • Alex Zach
  • Anders Pamdal
  • Andrew Yuen
  • Chris Dunning
  • Christian Lescuyer
  • Christian von den Steinen
  • David Garcia Watkins
  • Frank Heinen
  • Fritz Clapp
  • Howard van der Burgt
  • Ian C. Wilson
  • Jan Wildeboer
  • Jason Chance
  • Jim Daemon
  • John Oligario
  • Linda McGrath
  • Marcel Bossert-Schwab
  • Mark Evans
  • Matthijs van der Vegte
  • Matti Ressler
  • Melinda Odom
  • Michael Klaucke
  • Nick Weisser
  • Philip Hennessy
  • Pierre Rollin
  • Raphael Vullriede
  • Rhea Anthony
  • Scott Hartranft
  • Siegmund Mioduszewski
  • Stefan Fritsche
  • Stephen Bissett
  • Terry Kluytmans
  • Thomas A. Moulton
  • Thomas Plänkers
  • Tony Hodges
  • Wendy James
  • Young Tae Byun

Ein besonderer Dank geht an alle Team Mitglieder für Ihre Leidenschaft und Unterstützung! Ihr Rockt!