Issue #31: September 10, 2003

10th September 2003 by Harald Ponce de Leon

By Harald Ponce de Leon

September 10, 2003

Project Progress
Forum Migration Plan
Inclusion in the PHP Québec DVD Set

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Project Progress

Two things occurred in August which explains the reason for the current lack of progress occurring.

The first is an internal reorganization of how the team works together, to better handle the growing community and to maximize the resources available to increase the amount of productivity occurring.

This month will be used to fine tune the changes made internally, to make sure the progress in October and the coming months does not decline as the previous months have shown.

The second is a another project being worked on that will contemplate osCommerce. More information will be provided later this month - it is just being quickly announced now to show that although progress may seem lacking on the outside, it is actually erupting in the inside :)

On a sad note, Ian Wilson has had to leave the project due to other priorities. On behalf of the team and community, thanks again for the effort you contributed to the project, and hope to see you again in the near future!

Forum Migration Plan

As the community is growing every month, the forum solution currently being used will be switched to another solution to give moderators more power in doing their job of keeping the forums in a sane state.

The forums will be taken offline this Sunday on the 14th of September, when the migration procedure will occur. The expected downtime will be 5 hours.

Inclusion in the PHP Québec DVD Set

osCommerce will be included in the PHP Québec DVD set, a double DVD set containing videos and slides from the conference, and PHP applications included in a separate CD-Rom disc.

More information about the conference and DVD set can be found at:

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