Issue #27: April 23, 2003

23rd April 2003 by Harald Ponce de Leon

By Harald Ponce de Leon

April 23, 2003

Signed E-Mails
News and Announcements Forum Channel
Work In Development Server Problems
Security And Privacy Proposal Updates
E-Mail Validation Update

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Signed E-Mails

Cases have been reported again where emails are received with forged headers that make it look like it's originating from osCommerce team members.

The fake emails are in regard to possible copyright and GPL violations on online stores - although the intentions may be good, it is fraud and all cases reported were not in an illegal position.

As this is a serious issue, we have decided to now send out signed emails which can be verified with public keys.

If you receive such an email from an osCommerce team member that is not signed, please forward it to the team member involved for confirmation.

Our copyright policy can always be read here:,26/q,50

News and Announcements Forum Channel

A new News and Announcements channel has been added to the community forums, where discussions can occur relating to the specific news or announcement entry.

The new channel can be reached here:

Work In Development

The remaining entries for the Milestone 2 release have been in development in the past few weeks.

The biggest entry remaining is the My Account Proposal realization - screenshots and a working demonstration will be shown during this week of the progress made.

The default store configuration has also been updated to meet USA requirements. Previously the default configuration settings were mixed with the default language and currency being English and USD, but with tha taxes being included in the product taxes which is a European requirement.

A sexy new checkout navigation path is also being worked on which will be displayed in the header of the checkout procedure. Server Problems

There have been numerous downtime issues with the server the past few weeks making the contribution downloads unreachable. Links to both and Pair are now available minimizing the downtime of the download packages.

Security And Privacy Proposal Updates

The Security and Privacy Proposal realization has been updated with additional customer browser and IP address validations. Thanks go to Henri Schmidhuber for the work involved here.

The work from Ross Lapkoff and Marcel van Lieshout for the shared server proposal realization is currently being reviewed.

E-Mail Validation Update

The email validation routines have been updated with a Windows specific implementation of the checkdnsrr() function.

It is now possible to validate the server of the email address under Windows environments.

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