Issue #24: February 25, 2003

25th February 2003 by Harald Ponce de Leon

By Harald Ponce de Leon

February 25, 2003

osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 1 Released
Updates To The Redirection Logic
Navigation History Update
Virtual Products Update
Security Proposal Realization
I'm A Believer
Contributions Added/Updated In The Last 3 Days

osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 1 Released

osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 1 was finally released after a short delay - congratulations to the team for all the hard work, and to the community for the ever lasting support.

More information on the release can be read here:,89

Updates To The Redirection Logic

An update was made to the tep_redirect() function to make redirections in an SSL state when the current page is in an SSL state.

This avoids the browser prompting the customer to continue in a non-SSL state due to the sudden redirection occuring.

Navigation History Update

A new method was added to the navigation history class, which removes the current page from the navigation history stack.

This is used in pop-up windows to avoid certain "Continue" buttons throughout the catalog to return to the pop-up window last visited.

Virtual Products Update

A bug was fixed when only virtual products were being ordered, with no tax being applied to the order due to no shipping address existing.

The tax is now calculated with the billing address when only virtual products are ordered.

Security Proposal Realization

The security proposal written in the Developers forum is now being realized for the Milestone 2 release.

Some code was added to the discussion thread for people to apply to their test stores, to test the implementation and to report back on the results.

The more feedback gathered from the results, the better and stronger the implementation can be realized. The sooner this occurs, the sooner the implementation can be commited to CVS.

The time spent on this is appreciated.

Instructions for implementing the code can be read here:

I'm A Believer

No doubt those active in the community forums would have noticed a phenomenon occuring during the the past week, with the word "Believer" appearing on member profiles.

The surprise move of assigning the word to those active in the forums was received much better than expected, and had sparked the creation of a song titled "I'm an osC'er" from the classic song "I'm a Believer".

The word "Believer" is a rank assigned to member profiles who have posted 300 or more messages in the community forums. The move to assign ranks is our way of saying thanks to those active on the community forums, for not only helping others out but also keeping the community spirit alive.

As the introduction of the ranking system has been a success, other ranks will be added but which and when that occurs will be a surprise ;)

The "I'm a Believer" discussion can be read here:

[Please note the discussion is all fun and nothing serious]

Contributions Added/Updated In The Last 3 Days

osC Affiliate
eRegisterNow Payment Module V1.0
Dutch TPGpost (for new checkout)
Category Tabs with Subs
IONGate Payment Module
Customer Account + login + add new user via admi
Enable & Disable Categories
Column Sort Arrows
MS1 to L5 db upgrade
GeoIP Show Country
Authorizenet ADC Direct Connection
Visitor Web Stats
PayflowPro FIX - For Milestone 1
Shipping, Order Processing module
italian shipping - Posta Raccaomandata
italian shipping - Consegna in sede
TrustCommerce Payment Module
2.2MS1 Russian language Pack
CVV for cc.php
Admin Sort by products_model

Contributions can be downloaded at:

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