Support Site Updates

1st August 2000 by Harald Ponce de Leon

Big support site updates are now online, the main one being the 'current progress' section is now finished and ready for cvs action! I will be activating a few cvs accounts tonight - for those that would also like an account, mail me with some information on what you would like to do .. dont forget your cvs password too ;)

Another big update is an access/control type feature, where some people are given access to be their own little administration area. This includes adding news items, adding polls, editing site text, and controlling certain areas. Obviously this wont be for everyone, but for those that have their access, they will help to keep the project and support site fresh and kickin'.

If your still waiting for a reply to an email you sent me, please mail me again.. ive been flat out the last couple of weeks, having my mailbox scattered in two places doesnt help - anyone know of a syncronizing util for outlook?

I will also be adding more documentation to the support site about the new functions like what can be done on the 'current progress' section. Be Patient! ;)

Ooops! New news entries are meant to be sent to the general mailing list - I dont think this entry made it as I forgot some sendmail parameters.

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