osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 1

17th February 2003 by Harald Ponce de Leon

We proudly present the immediate availability of the first milestone release of osCommerce 2.2, our first public release in nearly two years since Preview Release 2.1. osCommerce 2.2-MS1 is bundled with the Catalog frontend and the Administration Tool backend, and is available in 3 languages - English, German, and Spanish.

With a lot of work gone into the long development cycle, the release of 2.2-MS1 includes a wide range of feature enhancements, additions, and security updates that will form the rock-solid foundation which 2.2 and subsequent releases will be built on.

Nearing the end of the long 2.2 development cycle, milestone releases are made to show what is expected for the 2.2 release.

One of the most user friendly features introduced is the new web-based installation module, which can setup the database and configuration files automatically after providing some server parameter values. It is also possible to upgrade a Preview Release 2.1 database to the new structure, without losing product, customer, or order information. (As always, upgrading should be performed on a backup copy of the database first)

User interface issues have been a top priority in the development cycle, with certain areas on the catalog having been updated to be more customer friendly, and at the same time increasing the performance in the backend where possible.

Some areas are still pending to be updated, which will be performed in upcoming milestone releases.

The quality of the 2.2 release will increase greatly with the milestone path set, as bug reports can now be fixed on a frozen release instead of the development daily snapshot releases - making it easier for developers to pinpoint where the problem areas are and to fix it accordingly in a much saner manner.

A Workboard is publicly available which shows the defined milestone path set, with specific amounts of work being attached to a specific milestone release, leading up to a finalized osCommerce 2.2 release package.

We'd like to thank the community for their support during the long development phase, and are excited in presenting the upcoming milestone releases in the near future.

A complete feature guide for osCommerce 2.2 will be presented when osCommerce 2.2 is finalized and released to the public.

The latest milestone releases can be downloaded at:


The public Workboard is available at:


Keeping up to date with the projects progress can be done via the Weekly Summary reports at:


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