Issue #22: January 27, 2003

27th January 2003 by Harald Ponce de Leon

By Harald Ponce de Leon

January 27, 2003

Order Total Tax Module Update
E-Mail Validation Update
Server Upgrade

Order Total Tax Module Update

The order total tax module has been updated to display the tax rate title instead of the tax rate value on the checkout confirmation page.

This change has a bigger impact on stores where multiple tax rates are used, for example Canadian based stores.

A thread has been started in the forums to discuss if the update has any legal issues.

The thread can be read at:

Feedback is appreciated as this change is a pending Milestone 1 release entry.

E-Mail Validation Update

The e-mail validation logic has been updated to now read acceptable top level domains from a separate file.

This allows changes to be made without the need to touch a critical core file where typing mistakes could break the logic.

Server Upgrade

At times, the support site last week was responding quite slowly, and often not at all, when the forums had quite a number of visitors.

To better handle the load the server was experiencing, the memory has been upgraded to 1GB.

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