Issue #12: September 23, 2002

23rd September 2002 by Harald Ponce de Leon

By Harald Ponce de Leon

September 23, 2002

New Team Member
IRC Server Change
Announcements Now At Gmane

New Team Member

We once again welcome another new member to the osCommerce team, Linda McGrath!

Linda has provided continuous support to the community and to the project in forms of contributions.

Being the first female member in the team, we are looking forward to the Girl-Power she'll be bringing in!

IRC Server Change

The IRC server at the Live Discussions section on the support site has changed from the Open Projects Network (now called FreeNode) to the Open and Free Technology Community (OFTC) server.

The new #osCommerce channel can be reached at or equivalent OFTC server.

A list of OFTC servers can be found at:

Announcements Now At Gmane

The announcements mailing list is now being archived at the services provided by Gmane, which archives mailing lists reachable through news servers.

The Gmane news server channel for osCommerce is gmane.comp.web.oscommerce.

Gmane is reachable with a news client at:


or with a web browser client at:

The forums will also soon be archived at Gmane - further notification of when this occurs will be provided.

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