Issue #9: July 29, 2002

29th July 2002 by Harald Ponce de Leon

By Harald Ponce de Leon

July 29, 2002

Progressing Towards 2.2
New German Support Site Online
CVS: Update To Order Class
CVS: Update To Breadcrumb Logic
CVS: New .htaccess File For SSL Servers
CVS: Compatible date() Function For Windows Servers

Progressing Towards 2.2

Reaching the 2.2 final state has slowed down this month with little coding occuring. This is due to the holiday season in Europe, the nice summer in Europe, and personally I have moved to a new house in the Eifel area in Germany.

Progress will soon kick up again in getting the codebase to 2.2 finalized.

New German Support Site Online

The new German support site is now online with Thomas Plänkers and Jan Wildeboer in charge to realize the primary goal of uniting the communities.

Important issues that are brought forward in the German community will also be brought forward to the English community, and vica versa.

This new level of communication will benefit those involved in being up to date in the open issues existing, and in the progress of the project development wise.

Other communities will also soon participate in the new level of communication, providing for better community support world wide.

The German support site can be reached at:

A list of international support sites is listed at:

CVS: Update To Order Class

Mark Evans has made an update to the order class on how the country information to the customer is stored.

The new method changes the $cart->customer['country'] and $cart->delivery['country'] string value parameters to array value parameters, holding country ID, title, iso code 2, and iso code 3 values.

This update is due to the various payment gateways requiring different country information.

Payment modules not in the CVS development version of 2.2 will need to be updated to handle the new logic.

The update to the order class can be seen at:

CVS: Update To Breadcrumb Logic

The breadcrumb logic has changed from static logic involving setting a $location string value, to dynamic logic with a $location array value.

This update removes redundant formating logic and cleans the header.php file for easier editing.

CVS: New .htaccess File For SSL Servers

Due to the many support issues concerning faulty SSL servers (and due to people not searching the forums for a solution :)), a new .htaccess file has been added to the catalog directory which fixes known Microsoft Internet Explorer browser issues with certain secure server (SSL) setups.

The .htaccess file only works for Apache servers that are configured to use the SSL security layer.

The symptoms relate to "Page cannot be displayed" errors on SSL connections. Please note that not all "Page cannot be displayed" errors relate to this issue.

Because none of the core team members have experienced such problems, it is currently not known if the .htaccess file works as it should - feedback from those experiencing the problem would be great.

mod_ssl have provided a FAQ entry for the issue which can be read at:

The .htaccess file can be seen at:

CVS: Compatible date() Function For Windows Servers

David Garcia Watkins has commited a fix for Windows servers having a problem dealing with dates prior 1970. This fix is specific for Windows servers and can be seen at:

Feedback on this fix (forwarded to the developers forum) is appreciated.

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