Issue #5: April 15, 2002

15th April 2002 by Harald Ponce de Leon

By Harald Ponce de Leon

April 15, 2002

Community Area Updates
Mailing List Updates
Weekly Summary Reports Moved
PHP 4.2.0 RC3

Community Area Updates

The Community area on the support site has been updated to allow guests (non logged in users) to view the content therein. The only places that need a log-in are the My Account and Live Discussions sections. A log-in is also required if you wish to post a message to the online forums.

Caching has been added to the forum listings for a performance increase.

Mailing List Updates

The and mailing lists will soon change to and respectively. This change-over will most probably occur during the week - all current memberships will automatically be moved over to the new lists.

E-Mails sent to the old lists will be forwarded to the new lists for a period of time.

A new mailing list just for announcements will also be created, albeit read-only.

More information about the change-over and the new list will be posted once the changes are in affect.

Weekly Summary Reports Moved

The Weekly Summary Reports have been moved to the Community area on the support site.

This is to keep the news box on the front page clean of weekly development/activity progress.

PHP 4.2.0 RC4

From the PHP website:

"A fourth release candidate for PHP 4.2.0 has just been released, with experimental support for the recent Apache 2.0.35 release as well as numerous collected bug fixes. This build is used for testing the readiness of the release branch. By providing feedback about this build, you can help make sure that the actual release (planned for April 22) has as few bugs as possible. This release candidate is NOT meant for production servers, only for helping out the PHP-QA Team finding weak spots. For more information, see the PHP QA website."

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