Happy Birthday osCommerce!

12th March 2002 by Harald Ponce de Leon

Today marks the special occassion of osCommerce turning 2 years young! Actually, 3 months young to be exact from the date of the project name change :)

It is exciting and amazing to see the early registered live shop entries still online today running on either the Preview Release 1.x series or who have upgraded over time to the Preview Release 2.x series. With new live shops continually being registered on the support site, it shows the diversity of persons, people, and businesses trusting osCommerce, more importantly open source solutions, for their needs.

It is now one year since a project release has been made, not because we are lazy, but because we are busy working on finalizing the next project release.

A lot has happened in the past year, especially in the past 6 months, that has contributed to this delay.

The biggest issue that we, the developers and the community, have conquered is the project name change from The Exchange Project to osCommerce. The new name shows how serious we are at making osCommerce a generally accepted open solution right next to the commerical proprietary solutions in the market.

Because of this, the "Preview Release" tag attached to the project since the beginning, will now be dropped for the upcoming osCommerce 2.2 release.

osCommerce 2.2 will be the first project release we, the developers and community, have put together that will be considered stable, and most importantly secure. All features considered for a well B2C platform will be complete and functional, with a well designed user interface for the administration.

Speaking for the development team, I'd like to thank you, the community, once again for your patience, and most importantly for your understanding and support, given during the realization of 2.2.

We are anxious and looking forward to bringing you a finalized 2.2 package, and to see what suprises are to be discovered in the coming years.

- The osCommerce Team

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