osCommerce - A New Name For The Project

12th December 2001 by Harald Ponce de Leon

The Exchange Project was first released in March 2000 as an example resource study for the PHP web scripting language. Today, it has matured into a feature packed out-of-the-box e-commerce solution currently in use all over the world.

In a move made to show its maturity and to strengthen its presence in the open source community, The Exchange Project has renamed itself to osCommerce - a more descriptive name for the projects area of focus.

The new name, logo, and refreshed support site show the community that the developers behind the project mean business. High levels of quality have been set and reached in areas including management, coding, and support.

"We are working on an open source e-commerce solution", says project leader Harald Ponce de Leon, "this high level of quality has to be expected. We have to show that open source software works".

The name change is made shortly before the next project release is due. Preview Release 2.2 is the last in the 2.x series, and will be the base for the new 3.x series.

Templates and database independency will be the main features implemented in the 3.x series, which will complete the core B2C package.

"It's important that we have a solid base in the B2C area first, before work is started on any B2B features", says project comanager David Garcia Watkins, "we have to remain focused in the areas we are working on".

The B2B features are eagerly awaited as much as the templates and database independency features.

"It's exciting to see the project growing", says project comanager Jan Wildeboer, "the B2B features will attract a new market, and the new project name reflects this in a professional manner".

The new support site for osCommerce can be reached at:


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