New Live Discussions Section

27th November 2001 by Harald Ponce de Leon

This is the third and last attempt at providing a service where users can communicate with one another within a live environment.

This time, the service is integrated into the support site, which greatly enhances the projects support services: forums, frequently asked questions, bug reports, and now live discussions, all available one mouse click away.

As chatting can be unproductive, we are hoping this section can take care of itself, with users supporting users, not mainly developers supporting users.

Before posting a problem on the forum, you are more than welcome to try and find a solution in the discussion channel - but please be polite in asking for help. It is recommendend, however, to go through the FAQ section before asking for help- your problem may have been solved already.

Adding this service to the support site does not mean it is your right to receive support (for free) in a live environment. No one is obliged to help you - please remember this. Thank those that help you, it is their time and effort you are taking.

Having a live environment where people can communicate also allows us to offer sessions for you to join, where you can be sure one of the project managers will be online.

Such a session will include the Q&A session. The first Q&A session is currently being planned - more information will be made public soon.

The Live Discussions section is available under the Community tab:

This section connects to an IRC server provided by WebGroup Media via a Java Applet - you will have to grant permission when a pop-up window appears to make a successful connection. The Java Applet works with generation 4.0+ browsers.

If you are having problems connecting, it is recommended you try with an IRC client, such as Mirc. The server information is as follows:

Port: 5999
Channel: #tep

Take note that connection problems could occur due to an existing Firewall in your network.

Happy chatting!

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