CVS Server Moved To SourceForge

9th October 2001 by Harald Ponce de Leon

In the process of moving the support site over to a new hosting server, the CVS server has been moved over to SourceForge and is now ready for use.

The project page at SourceForge is located at:

For information regarding how to use the CVS server at SourceForge, visit:

Developers with write access on the old CVS server will need to send me their SourceForge usernames for write access on the new CVS server.

All commit emails will now go through a separate mailing list hosted at SourceForge called tep-commits. For information on how to subscribe to this list, visit:

Much of the information on the support site will remain the same to concentrate on finishing the new support site located at the new hosting server, and to also concentrate on finalizing Preview Release 2.2.

Note, please do not use any of the support services located at SourceForge (Tracker, Bugs, Patches, etc) as these services will remain on the support site.

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