Administration Tool Status

20th March 2000 by Harald Ponce de Leon

Last week I mentioned that the WWW based Administration tool for this project would be released on the weekend - while I tried to complete it in time for Sunday, I could not reach this goal. The 'Administration' tool is nearly finished - I can say that it will be released by Friday (maybe tomorrow.. maybe Thursday). For those that would like to take a look at the progress of the administration, you can grab an alpha release of it at the downloads section. If you decide to take a look at it, any suggestions are welcomed. WARNING: This is alpha release only! This has not been thoroughly tested.

The alpha release only contains adding and modify data in the category_top, category_index, subcategories, manufactures, and products tables - functions for removing data also exists for products. There are still more features I would like to implement, which include adding, modifying, and removing functions for customers, customers address book, customers basket, orders, reviews, and specials.

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