osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.3

20th September 2013 by Harald Ponce de Leon

osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.3 is a general maintenance release focusing on improving core features and introducing new security check modules.

This release is part of a regular release cycle in preparation of and building up to v2.3.4.


  • Database Query Logging (Harald)
    Improve database query error logging.
  • Administration Tool Navigation Menu (Harald)
    Dynamically load navigation boxes.
  • HTTPS -> HTTP Browser Alert (Harald)
    Have forms posting from a HTTPS to HTTP page post to a HTTPS version to prevent the browser (Firefox) from alerting the user of being directed to an insecure page.
  • Currencies (Harald)
    Force decimal places value to an integer value.
  • Action Recorder (Harald)
    When expiring logged entries, don't pass the database connection link to tep_db_affected_rows().
  • UTF-8 (Harald)
    Set the MySQL character set to UTF-8 after a connection is made.
    Create the database tables in utf8_unicode_ci for new installations.
    Set the English locale to en_US.UTF-8, en_US.UTF8, enu_usa.
  • Date of Birth (Harald)
    Take the Configuration -> Minimum Values -> Date of Birth value into consideration to make the date of birth field optional.
  • Administration Tool Automatic HTTP Authentication Login (Harald)
    Don't use the HTTP Authentication values when the login form is being submitted.
    Don't show an invalid administrator notice when an automatic HTTP Authentication fails.
    Don't record failed automatic HTTP Authentication log ins.
  • Canonical Manufacturer ID (Gary)
    Force the Manufacturer ID to an integer value.
  • Administration Tool -> Who's Online (Harald)
    Remove the session_decode() functionality and show shopping cart contents only for logged in customers.
    When regenerating a session ID, update the session ID in the who's online database table to prevent duplicate entries.
  • MailChimp 360 (Foxp2)
    Fix module title.
  • Administration Tool Extended Security Check Modules (Harald)
    Introduce new extended security check modules that are called in the new Administration Tool -> Tools -> Security Checks page. These modules are not called on the Administration Tool Dashboard page as normal security check modules as these modules are more resource intensive. New modules include:
    • admin/backups directory public accessibility check
    • admin/backups file public accessibility check
    • admin http authentication check
    • ext/ directory public accessibility check
    • mysql utf8 database tables check
    • version update performed check (30 days)
    A normal extended_last_run security check module is also added to check if the extended checks have run in the last 30 days.
  • Administration Tool -> Tools -> Database Tables (Harald)
    Introduce a new Database Tables page to check, analyze, optimize, and repair database tables. A Convert to UTF8 action is also available to convert existing database tables to utf8_unicode_ci.

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Thank You!

We'd like to thank the community for their feedback on our releases. In addition, we thank the following people who participated in the development of this release.

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