One big thing. One little thing.

2nd December 2000 by Harald Ponce de Leon

Two great things have, or will, happen this month - I can tell you that one of these great things is a big thing, and the other is a little thing. Its up to you on how you order them - I definitely know the way I've ordered them..

First things first, I am now on holiday until the middle of January 2001. This is a bad thing for the project as I will remain code-free during this time period. A good thing though is, Preview Release 2.0 is ready to be downloaded so you can play with it to your hearts content.

This release has had quite alot of work put into it - I thank all the developers for dedicating part of their time into helping this project advance forward. One major point to make is, this project is now PHP3/PHP4 compatible out-of-the-box - this should make quite a few of you happy. The Administration Tool should also put a bigger smile on your face, as it has been redesigned to be 'Admin Friendly' - its at the start of whats planned, though you can already see its direction.

Before you go to the downloads section looking for the download package, STOP! You won't find it there. This package is now under a snapshots directory. PR2.0 is in between a snapshot release, and a PR release - the only difference being that I have no time to update all the files in the download package to reflect PR2.0 (eg, database model) - and I have no time to make support site updates reflecting this new release. I know the support site is in great need of updates, though unfortunately this has to wait until I return.

So.. now you can go and download the package :) Project developers are still monitoring the mailing list - report any bugs you encounter so that they can be fixed.

I wish all a merry christmas, and a great new year!

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