News Announcements Change

16th June 2005 by Harald Ponce de Leon

Our current news announcements publishing system is not working as one would expect it, and has caused for some confusion of how the project is progressing.

Until now, only main news announcements were made on the front page of the support site, and small news announcements were gathered and sent out as a progress summary report.

The progress summary reports were not listed on the front page of the support site or on the news announcements page, but under the Community section of the support site on the Progress Reports page.

Although the progress summary reports were sent to the news announcements mailing list, those not subscribed to it and those not active on the community support forums, were not being kept up to date with the progress of the project.

The gathering of the summaries for the progress report added to this delay, as a progress summary report was only sent after a handful of summaries were available to publish.

We are always working on optimizing the services the osCommerce support site provides, and will be improving on the news announcements by using a new publishing system.

The new publishing system involves team members using the community blog to publish entries concerning their duties. The entries considered to be of interest to the public will then be published as a main news announcement to be available on the front page of the support site.

The goal of the new publishing means is to deliver more new announcements at a quicker rate, and to keep the community up to date of the progress made on the project at each team members blogging site.

To accommodate this change, a new site to the osCommerce network has been setup to aggregate all team members blogging entries on one page. The new site is called Planet osCommerce, and is available here:

The actual blogging site of each team member is available at the Community Blogging site located at:

The new publishing system has motivated the team where each member can blog about their duties in their own way, and look forward to using it to keep the community and public up to date on current affairs!

This announcement can be discussed at the community support forum at:

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