Team Reorganization

31st March 2005 by Harald Ponce de Leon

The osCommerce team has been reorganized to have the amount of resources available optimized, and to spread responsibilities throughout the team.

The first set of changes unfortunately sees departures occuring from the team, that include:

Mark Evans (sparky)
Thomas Moulton (w2vy)
David Watkins (dgw)
Jim Daemon (Daemonj)
Fritz Clapp (zzfritz)

The reasons for departure include having no more resources available for the project, focusing primarly on their employment, and personal life issues.

Thomas and David have been team members from early on, and is sad seeing them leave, as is with Mark, Jim, and Fritz.

On behalf of the team and community, we'd like to thank them all for their involvement with the project and community, and wish them all the best for the times ahead!

Along with the departures also come new introductions to the team, which include:

Terry Kluytmans (TerryK)
Chris Dunning (BlueNoteMKVI)
Young Tae Byun (Young Tae Byun)

Terry will be joining the Documentation team and will help with the content of the Knowledge Base site and with moderating the Documentation forum channels.

Chris and Young will be forming the new Contribution Moderator team to help with the content of the Contributions section and with moderating the Contributions forum channels.

We anticipate that both Documentation and Contribution Moderator teams will be growing over the coming months to bring in community members into the team to help manage certain aspects of the project. Both teams are currently finalizing their new focus, after which new team additions will be welcome.

Further information about the new focuses of the teams will be provided in the next progress summary report. We are also looking forward to further addions to the Development and Moderator teams in the near future.

Another change the team reorganization brings is the alliance with the German community. Communication between the German and main English team have been strengthened and are now working closely together on the Knowledge Base site and how the community is managed.

The German team consists of:

Daniel Brinkmann (dabri)
Stefan Fritsche (stefan)
Stefan Kanitz (ska)
Ingo Malchow (Ingo)
Henri Schmidhuber (henri)
Raphael Vullriede (Raphael_V)
John Doswell (robinsondixon)
Michael Klaucke (pittiplatsch)
Siegmund Mioduszewski (crew2)
Christian von den Steinen (king_of_comedy)
Alex Zach (Alex2911)

The alliance with the German community is the first step on working closely with foreign communities, and look forward to announcing new alliances in the near future.

We look forward to the new goals and focuses the team reorganization brings in, and, as always, appreciate the feedback the community has provided.

The team page on the support site has been updated to reflect the changes, and can be reached here:

The German community can be reached here:

The German Knowledge Base can be reached here:

This announcement can be discussed at the community support forum at:

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