Server Upgrade For The Community Support Forums

29th September 2004 by Harald Ponce de Leon

Can you believe it? Is that the same community support forum you grew accustomed to?

After telling community members their faulty cordless USB mouses were at fault for the lousy response times of clicking through the community support forum, Pair Networks graciously strengthened their partnership to the project by sponsoring a second dedicated server to power the osCommerce support site.

With the project now running for 4 1/2 years and with the community growing continually strong month after month, the resources of the first dedicated server were maxed out leaving no other option but to expand to a second dedicated server.

The new dedicated server has been assigned the job of powering the community support forums only, and has been doing its job perfectly for a week now with no sign of performance issues arising.

This move greatly benefits the whole support site in general with each section of the support site now being able to run optimally under the same conditions that had brought it down when running only on the one dedicated server.

We'd like to thank Pair Networks again for their sponsorship to the project, and to the community who definitely deserve the performance the new server brings!

The community support forums can be reached at:

This announcement can be discussed at the community support forum at:

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