New Knowledge Base Site Online

3rd June 2004 by Harald Ponce de Leon

In response to community feedback we are proud to present the latest addition to the osCommerce support site - a new Knowledge Base solution that replaces the Wiki Documentation site, and aims to provide an enhanced user experience and improved documentation content.

The Knowledge Base site is still a work in progress, both the solution itself and the document content it contains, and has been made live now in the first phase as the result is nothing to compare with to what has been made available at the Wiki Documentation site.

The front page shows new articles that have been submited or articles that have recently been changed, together with the highest user rated articles and most read articles.

The planned updates for the second phase include having the option to download each article separately and to offer better online printing possibilities.

The goal of the Knowledge Base site is to collect documentation for the current development version of the project, and to include it with the pending stable project release as HTML files.

More information regarding the new Knowledge Base site can be read here:

The new Knowledge Base site can be reached at:

This announcement can be discussed at the community support forum at:

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