Support Site Updates

24th March 2004 by Harald Ponce de Leon

The support site has been through a major update phase during the past few weeks, with the first set of changes now appearing online for public use.

We hope the changes made are overall more appealing for the community, and are excited with the updates still to come!

One of the most requested issues to address was to fix the search result limit of 40 for the Contributions section. Not only has this been done, but the search results returned has also been improved to help you find the contributions you want sooner.

The Live Shops section is still under maintenance and has been planned to be brought back online in full operation soon. New live shop submitions are still welcome throughout the maintenance period and will be held for approval until the section is ready.

Attention to the URL structure of the new support site has also been put into consideration to keep all links posted throughout the forums in operation. The only change that will be noticeable is the new name of the previous Downloads section to Solutions. Any page that no longer exists will direct the user to a sitemap page of the support site.

We look forward to reading your comments and feedback regarding the new support site, and would like to ask that if any problems are experienced, to please notify a team member about it.

This announcement can be discussed at the community support forums here:

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