Here just some things we offer for FREE for oscommerce setups:

Instant FREE Setup
We don't charge for setup. It's faster than fast - it's instant. Pay now, login now - simple, right?

Ultra-High Performance
Put optimized software on top of SSD RAID and run that on premium hardware with premium networking and you've got a best of breed solution!

Hosting that’s Highly Scalable
When your business grows, your hosting must grow too - that's why we offer seamless upgrades with no IP changes and no downtime.

FREE Data Backup
That's right! We will back up your site every day at no additional cost to you and maintain daily, weekly and monthly backups.

FREE premium support
Anytime is a good time. Keeping you online with a fast and secure site is our mission - and proudly record our first response times of under 5 minutes.

FREE SSL, Upgrades, Optimization ...
Free upgrade of osCommerce , SSL, optimization, support, SSH, cPanel and much more ...


Basel, Switzerland
St. Louis, USA

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